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April 20, 2021 at 5:15 AM EDT

What does it take to have a winning IR strategy?

OTC Markets Group

The recent winners and nominees at the IR Magazine Awards – Small Cap reflects on a range of IR best practices, including: a successful rebranding campaign; industry-leading investor targeting and enhanced investor communication. Portfolio managers also share what they’re looking for from a winning IR strategy in companies they invest.

Measuring IR Success

OTC Markets Group

When evaluating the success of an investor relations strategy it is important for smaller companies to look beyond institutional investment and trading volumes. Small-cap companies should not feel disheartened. In the early years of public ownership, other types of shareholders including retail are important. IR teams need to build a strong foundation for their investor relations strategy that looks five years ahead, rather than one or two.

Small-cap company guide - Best practices for being public and raising capital

OTC Markets Group

This straightforward guide provides a variety of useful, immediately applicable tips and checklists for small-cap companies seeking to raise capital and grow their businesses.

3 Best Practices to Build an Effective IR Strategy

OTC Markets Group

A successful public market experience starts with developing a well thought out IR strategy. The first paper in our Small Cap IR series with IR Magazine outlines three best practice tips small-cap companies need to create a solid foundation for their IR activities.

OTCQX: Investor Relations Key in a Pandemic

Oxford Metrica

With the ensuing disruption from the pandemic, it is important that investor relations teams at internationally traded companies, have the tools and resources to engage new investors in order to expand their shareholder base. This paper looks at how the OTCQX Market enables international companies to manage their reputation, provide efficient trading and seamlessly communicate with new and existing investors in order to better position themselves in a crisis and afterwards.